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3.5 Gallon Round Buckets with Wire Bale Handle & Plastic Grip (16 Pack)

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Box of 16 buckets

Compatible with Item: 345*LID* or 345S*LID* / Gamma Lids / EZ On Lids / Snap On Lids


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Product Information


Versatile and Durable 3.5 gal Round Plastic Buckets 


Quality Construction for Application   

Our buckets, often referred to as carts, are crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), ensuring robustness and longevity. The material’s 70 MIL thickness makes these gallon buckets suitable for applied use. They are built to withstand 170 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, ensuring that the contents, whether in a food storage container or any other product, are well-protected regardless of the environment.


Strong Reinforcing Ribs for Enhanced Stability         

  Each bucket features strong reinforcing ribs, a unique design element that not only enhances the bucket’s structural integrity but also ensures stability when stacked on a pallet or similar structures. This feature is particularly beneficial in maximizing storage space, making these buckets ideal for both commercial and domestic use. The HDPE material used to manufacture these buckets guarantees durability and longevity, aligning with FDA standards for safety and quality.


Tapered Design for Easy Stacking and Storage 

  The tapered design of our pail allows for convenient stacking and storage. This design aspect not only saves space. Whether in a home, workshop, or commercial setting, these buckets offer an efficient way to organize and store various items, including food container products.


Wire Bale Handle with Plastic Grip for Comfortable Handling 

  Ease of use is a key consideration in our bucket design. Each bucket is equipped with a wire bale handle, complemented by a comfortable plastic grip. This feature ensures that the buckets, or pails as they are also known, can be carried easily and comfortably, even when full, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Our product is not just any container, but a reliable and durable bucket, often used with a corresponding bucket lid for secure closure.


Versatility in Applications 

  Our 3.5-gallon buckets are incredibly versatile, functioning as a round container for various needs. They are ideal for storing food, as they are made from FDA-approved food-grade materials and are BPA-free (with some color exceptions such as black, lime green, blem). This makes them suitable for kitchens, restaurants, and food processing industries. They are also perfect for storing paints, chemicals, tools, and other materials in workshops and industrial settings. Our food storage container is a reliable choice, often complemented by a sturdy lid.


Multiple Color Options for  Personalization

  Choose from an array of colors, including black, Chevron blue, gray, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow. These color options allow for personalization and easy identification, which is particularly useful in environments where color coding is essential for organization.


Compatibility with Various Lid Types 

  Our buckets are compatible with Affordable Buckets’ range of lid types, including Gamma Lids, EZ On Lids, and Snap On Lids. This versatility ensures that you can choose the most appropriate bucket lid type based on your specific needs, whether it’s for airtight storage or easy access.


Ideal for Both Commercial and Domestic Use 

  Whether for commercial purposes in industries and workshops or for domestic use in homes and gardens, these buckets are designed to cater for a wide range of storage needs. Their robust construction, combined with their ergonomic design and compatibility with various lids like the bucket lid, makes them an ideal choice for various applications.


Compatible with Item: 345(COLOR) or 345S(COLOR) / Snap On Lids (12 Pack) / Snap On Lids (16 Pack)


The dye used in these pails is approved by the FDA for food grade material and are BPA free EXCEPT : Black, Blem, Lime Green


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Height: 10.76″ Outside diameter: Top: 11.85″ Bottom: 10.495″


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