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2 Gallon Gamma Seal Lids (12 Pack)

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Pack of 12 Plastic Gamma Seal Lid fits all standard 2 Gallon Buckets


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  • BOX 10X10X12 2 gallon Gamma box

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No return policy for lids if purchased without matching bucket from Affordable Buckets, L.L.C.

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2-Gallon Gamma Seal Round Plastic Lids: Innovative and Efficient Sealing Solution 


Fits top outside diameter pails with 9 1/2″ diameter  (Click Here for matching bucket)

Innovative Gamma Seal Technology 

The 2-gallon Gamma Seal lids are ingeniously designed to transform standard 2-gallon buckets into airtight, leak-proof storage containers. The Gamma Seal technology includes a snap-on adapter ring and a heavy-duty gasketed lid, creating an airtight seal that’s perfect for a variety of storage needs.

Easy Installation and Reliable Seal 

Installing the Gamma Seal lid is simple and efficient. The adapter ring snaps onto any 2-gallon bucket with a top outside diameter of 9 1/2 inches. Once the ring is in place, the lid can be spun on easily, creating a secure, airtight seal. A rubber mallet can be used for the initial installation of the ring to ensure a snug fit.

FDA Compliant and BPA-Free for Safe Storage 

These lids are FDA compliant for direct food contact, making them safe for storing food items. The BPA-free construction ensures that stored contents remain uncontaminated and safe for consumption. It’s recommended to wash the lids prior to using them with food to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Versatile and Practical Design 

The Gamma Seal lid offers easy access to contents: simply spin off to open and spin on to close. This feature is incredibly useful for items that are frequently accessed, such as pet food, dry goods, or paint supplies. The lids are also perfect for keeping contents dry and secure, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


 Product Specifications 

 – Compatibility: Fits standard 2 Gallon Buckets 

 – Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 

 – Color: White 

 – Weight: 0.75 lbs per lid 

 – Outside Diameter: 10 inches 

 – Pack Quantity: 12 lids per case 


 Ideal for Various Applications 

Whether used for household items, gardening supplies, kids’ paint supplies, or more, these Gamma Seal lids are versatile and can be used in numerous settings. They are perfect for both commercial and domestic use, offering a reliable and efficient sealing solution.

 Affordable and High-Quality 

The Gamma Seal lids provide an affordable yet high-quality option for sealing needs. They offer exceptional value for anyone needing a durable and reliable lid for their 2-gallon buckets.


**No return policy if purchased without matching bucket from Affordable Buckets, L.L.C.** (Click here for matching bucket)

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Outside Diameter: 10"


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