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2 Gallon Gamma Seal Lids (12 Pack)

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Pack of 12 Plastic Gamma Seal Lid fits all standard 2 Gallon Buckets


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  • BOX 10X10X12 2 gallon Gamma box

Lids Return Policy

No return policy for lids if purchased without matching bucket from Affordable Buckets, L.L.C.

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Plastic Gamma Seal Lid

Fits top outside diameter pails with 9 1/2″ diameter  (Click Here for matching bucket)

Snap the adapter ring to a 2 gallon bucket, then spin on the heavy duty gasketed lid

Use a rubber mallet to apply the ring on the pail

Easy Opening Lid. Spin off to open, Spin on to close

Air tight seal

FDA compliant for direct food contact

BPA free

Must be washed prior to use with food

Made of HDPE

Made in USA

Can be used to store household items, gardening supplies, kids paint supplies, and more.

**No return policy if purchased without matching bucket from Affordable Buckets, L.L.C.** (Click here for matching bucket)

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Outside Diameter: 10"


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