1 Gallon White Plastic Lid with Tear Tab and Gasket


Pack of 24

Fits 1 Gallon Pail Item: CC20110201


Lid CC20-155201-01

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  • BOX 12X12X12


Plastic lid with gasket and tear tab fits 1 gallon round pail

Fits 1 Gallon Pail Item: CC20110201

70 ML thickness

Made of HDPE

Lids will need to be mallet-ed onto pail

Tear tab provides easy opening and tamper evidence

To open pail, tear tab seal will need to be broken and pulled off the lid

Lid opener suggested to pull lid off pail when opening

Made in USA

**No return policy if purchased without matching bucket from Affordable Buckets, L.L.C.**

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Fits: 1 Gallon Bucket CC20-155201-01

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